A Visual Field exam is a test typically used to detect abnormalities of the pathways of vision to the eye, optic nerve, or brain. It is done to detect many neurological problems as well as to document changes in visual function. The test takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

How does the test work?

Visual Field testing is done with a Humphrey Field Analyzer, in which the patient sits at the machine with their chin on a chin rest. There is a small hole with a dim light in the back of the machine where the patient will focus on during the test. While the patient is focusing on this area, there are other lights flashing around that area. Each time the patient sees one of the flashing lights, they click a button to indicate they saw it. When the test is complete, it will print out a mapping of any abnormalities in the visual pathways.

Test Preparation

  • Please bring any glasses you use (regular or reading) or contacts, if you wear any.
  • You will also need your eye doctor to fax over your visual correction (prescription for glasses or contacts) ahead of time to our office. Fax to 804-521-7837.
  • Allow plenty of time to avoid feeling rushed. (Arrive 30 minutes ahead of time to fill out information and answer questions). Please complete any forms you have received from Neurological Associates and bring them in with you.